Catwalk, India

Coordinated Installation of a Retail Surveillance Network

Catwalk is a leading premium brand in high-end ladies footwear with 280 stores located in 17 cities across India. 49 are operated directly by Catwalk with the others run as franchises. 

The Challenge

Catwalk​ needed to address the quality of its existing in-store surveillance systems knowing that an upgrade over so many sites had the potential to noy only be costly but also disruptive for its customers. 

The Solution

After having carried out a security audit and assessment of Catwalk's surveillance systems, Gunnebo managed the installation of upgrades and retrofits to the CCTV cameras​ in every one of Catwalk's self-run stores. 

Gunnebo also trained Catwalk's technicians on how to monitor the stores. Installation across the entire chain was completed within one month. 

The Benefits

The speed and efficiency of installation co­ordinated acros​s multiple sites ensured that Catwalk could upgrade its store surveillance without impacting on the shopping experience for its customers.​​

​"Gunnebo was one of the few companies who could commit to installation at all stores at once and we had minimal disruption to our business."

Ubaid Kathiwala, Operations Director at Catwalk