Competitive Foods, Australia

Improving Productivity through Better Cash M​anagement

Competitive Foods is a privately held food manufacturing and retail business. It is the primary franchisor in Australia for the fast-food chain, Hungry Jack's (over 260 stores nationally), and franchisee of over 50 KFC restaurants in Western Australia and Northern Territory.

The Challenge

Competitive Foods wanted to modernise its in-store cash handling process to eliminate inconsistencies and cash differences. 

The Solution

Gunnebo installed an automated cash deposit​ system (Intelli-Safe) to replace the manual deposit safes which validates each banknote deposited, registers it in the system and safeguards it securely in a storage cassette. 

The Benefits

Staff security, fewer collections, lower processing costs and significant reductions in cash shortages
Significant improvements have also been made in productivity – staff save time counting money each day as it is no longer necessary to handle the cash a​gain once it has been deposited into the safe. The reconciliation process at head office is now more efficient and hours of administration time have been saved. ​

“The introduction of Intelli-Safe has revolutionised our cash handling process. Such is the impact on our business that is now an essential part of our store fitout.”

Jack Turnbull, Financial Accountant, Competitive Foods Australia