Microsoft, Denmark

Managing Office Entrance Security and Access Control


Microsoft is a worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions.

The Challenge

Microsoft Denmark has its headquarters in Lyngby near Copenhagen where around 900 employees are located.​ The offices were opened in 2015 and were designed by Henning Larsen Architects​. The site is spacious and constructed to promote the sharing of ideas.

The entrance to the building is located on a large open ground floor with staircases to the other floors as well as a public coffee shop. Microsoft required an access control solution secure enough to prevent unauthorised visitors from entering the offices themselves but discreet enough to blend into the overall airy architectural feel of the site.​


The Solution

Gunnebo SpeedStiles were installed into the entrance foyer. The gates open and close quickly, quietly and efficiently which maintains a smooth flow of people - even at the busiest times. On Microsoft's request, the SpeedStiles require indentification on the way in, but allow free passage on the way out.

For large packages or deliveries on pallets, there is an alternative entrance solution, Gunnebo GlasStile, with double doors which open on rotating bars. Around the reception area, Microsoft also asked Gunnebo to install a series of glass panel barriers to prevent visitors bypassing the SpeedStile entrance gate to get to the stairs.

The Benefits

Employees, guests and goods move smoothly through the two alternative entrance gates hassle-free and without the formation of queues. The required level of security is maintained with a solution which marries well with the fine architecture of Microsoft's modern Danish headquarters.

Microsoft-Denmark-Gunnebo-SpeedStiles​Microsoft has installed Gunnebo SpeedStiles and GlasStiles at its headquarters in Lyngby, Denmark.