Standard Bank, South Africa

Modernising SDL Services with Automated Deposit Lockers

Standard Bank is a leading financial services organisation with a 150­-year history in South Africa and over 1,200 branches across Africa.

The Challenge

Standard Bank​ wa​nted to modernise its traditional safe deposit locker service to make it more cost-efficient. ​

The Solution

Standard Bank installed Gunnebo's SafeStore Auto - a fully automated safe deposit locker (SDL) solution. Initial installations were made at three branches before the bank's flagship branch in Sandton, Johannesburg was upgraded. In Sandton, 6,000 lockers are housed in the basement vault. Customers access their locker contents using a terminal on the bank's ground floor.

The Benefits

SafeStore Auto goes hand in hand with Standard Bank's vision of more modern self-service branches.​ ​The self-service terminal has reduced operating costs and allows clients to access their lockers around the clock, improving customer satisfaction.


"One major benefit is the reduction in operating costs. We are able to use prime office space more effectively and automated processes mean less staff time is required."

Trevor Dean, Senior Manager Design & Configuration, Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd