State Street Corporation, China

Increasing Office Security through Better Access Control

State Street Corporation is a world-­leading provider of financial services to institutional investors based in the USA.

The Challenge

State Street​ ​​wanted to increase the security level around the entrance of one of its office buildings in China.

The Solution

Gunnebo worked together with the building's designer to create a reception area with an integrated entrance security solution. SpeedStile FP speed gates​ were chosen as they met the security standards required and could be integrated with State Street's access control system. The small footprint of the speed gates was also ideal for the limited space available in the reception area.

The Benefits

The high flow rate of employees is controlled and unauthorised personnel are prevented from entering the offices. State Street also records the passage of employees when they enter the speed gates using personal ID cards and uses the data for better staff management.

"Gunnebo helped us to focus on the core needs of the access control system."

William Walsh, State Street Corporation, Security Specialist