Wentworthville, Australia

​​​​Reducing the Cost of Cash

Wentworthville Leagues Club is an entertainment venue in western Sydney which offers its members and their guests a variety of restaurants, bars and gaming facilities. 

The Challenge

With over 54,000 members, Wentworthville Leagues​ is one of the larger clubs of its kind in Sydney. Cash circulation and reconciliation is a major consideration on the site. 

The Solution

To improve the management of cash in the business and to reduce the cost of handling cash, the club installed four automated solutions from Gunnebo – two SafeCash Retail Stations​ and two SafeCash Retail Recyclers​. Gunnebo’s SafeCash Retail Station accepts, recycles and dispenses cash floats with ease. 

The Benefits

Gone are the days of counting cash, saving hours and in some cases the need for a dedicated person managing the tills. 

“The SafeCash Retail Station has saved our staff considerable time both at the beginning and end of their shifts,” says Nicole Pearce, Chief Financial Officer at Wentworthville Leagues Club. “We are in the early stages of using the SafeCash Retail Station so we are working on measuring our exact reductions in cash shrinkage and errors relating to cash management in the back office, however the results to date are very positive.” 

The cash recycling units will assist the venue with reconciliation of gaming machines. As required by law, gaming machines must be reconciled on a daily basis. With the installation of the SafeCash Retail Recyclers, the time that it takes for this clearance process will be cut in half. 
Wentworthville League Clubs Use Gunnebo Cash Recycling Solutions

“We are confident the whole reconciliation process will be streamlined and that this will save us time and money.​"

Nicole Pearce, Chief Financial Officer, Wentworthville Leagues Club