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Business Verticals

As part of the Gunnebo Security Group, Gunnebo India has access to a global portfolio of security solutions from which it has tailored an offering for the Indian market.

This offering cover five key business verticals: 

Solutions to India’s bank sector include strongrooms, strongroom doors, safes, fire-resistant filing cabinets, safe deposit lockers and electronic locks, all of which meet the latest global security standards.

Secure Storage
A complete range of graded safes and cabinets to protect valuable documents and data media. All safes are sold under the prestigious Steelage and Chubbsafes brands.

Entrance Control
The offering includes specialist solutions for mass rapid transit systems and airports, innovative entrance gates for office buildings, and gates and fences for outdoor perimeter protection.

Fire Products
Through the trusted Minimax brand, Gunnebo India offers mobile, portable and modular fire extinguishers for industrial, commercial and residential use.

Global Services 
Through after-sales services, such as preventive, corrective and performance maintenance, Gunnebo India’s security experts ensure the optimal performance of a security product or system from the first day of installation to the end of its lifecycle.

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