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Environmental Activities


The Gunnebo Security Group’s overall environmental goals are based on the impact each individual operation has on the environment. So assessing this impact becomes a very important job.

Each of Gunnebo’s operations regularly updates, evaluates and reports its environmental impact and environmental performance. The overall goals set out the principal areas where the Group’s environmental performance should be improved.

At local level, these goals are broken down into detailed environmental targets. These local goals are met through carefully considered action programmes.

Overall Environmental Goals
1. To optimise the use of energy and minimise the impact our operations have on the climate.

2. To make efficient use of raw materials and natural resources.

3. To maintain effective sorting at source and recycling of materials, so that we can minimise the amount of waste that cannot be recovered.

4. To further develop our strategy for product development so that we take into account environmental aspects, such as energy consumption and the use of natural resources throughout each product’s total life cycle.

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