• Entrance Control
      Entrance Control

      Gunnebo’s entrance security solutions give you control over visitors’ flow to, from and around a location.

    • Safe Storage
      Safe Storage

      Protect your valuables and confidential data. Get peace of mind at home, in transit and at work.

      Gunnebo Safe Storage
    • Cash Management
      Cash Management

      Improve cash process efficiency with Gunnebo's smart cash management solutions.

    • Other Business
      Other Business

      Local businesses within electronic security, security doors & partitions, electronic article surveillance and fire safety.

    • Entrance Control Blog
      Entrance Control Blog

    • Safe Storage Blog
      Safe Storage Blog

      Access our free, interesting and impartial advice, gain valuable complimentary information and benefit from decades of Safe Storage industry experience and knowledge.

    • Cash Management Blog
      Cash Management Blog

      The latest insights from cash management experts on how to handle cash more cheaply, safely and efficiently.

      Cash handling in banks
    • About the Gunnebo Group
      About the Gunnebo Group

      Gunnebo is a global leading provider of security products, services and software.

    • Investor Relations
      Investor Relations

      Gunnebo's corporate website with the latest information for investors, analysts and financial journalists.

    • Working for Gunnebo
      Working for Gunnebo

      Realise your career goals working for a global company where you can make a difference.

    • Sustainability

      As a global employer, Gunnebo adopts a sustainable approach to business.


The Gunnebo Group

For a safer world
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About the Gunnebo Group

The Gunnebo Group operates worldwide providing innovative products, software and services to control the flow of valuables, cash and people. Gunnebo offers entrance control, safe storage, cash management and integrated security solutions to customers primarily within retail, mass transit, public & commercial buildings, industrial & high-risk sites and banking. The Group has a turnover of MSEK 5,500.

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    Gothenburg, Sweden

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    4,200 passionate employees

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    25+ countries around the world

Gunnebo's offering

Gunnebo’s strategy is to develop solutions to create a  safer world. This is done by the delivery of innovative products,  software and services to better control the flow of valuables, 
cash and people. The offering is structured product in Business Units - designed by customer needs and go-to-market model.


Entrance Control

Entrance Control shapes the future of people flow management and advances the way public and private buildings control access by creating innovative passage barriers and detection systems for a more intuitive and secure user experience.


Safe Storage

Safe Storage develops innovative solutions for the protection of valuables at home and at work and helps businesses and people control access to those valuables more effectively.


Cash Management

Cash Management creates an efficient and secure flow of cash for retailers, banks and CIT companies by delivering smart solutions which automate cash handling and optimise the cash cycle.


Integrated Security

Integrated Security is made up of a number of local businesses. The strategy for each business is to achieve the Group’s target for profitability and growth.

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Sustainability Approach

Create a safer future

We aim to build and maintain a sustainable and ethical business in every aspect of what we do


Sustainability Report

How we manage our impact

 We work with targets related to energy, climate, waste, supply chain and health & safety

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