• Cash Deposit
      Cash Deposit

      From front-office cash drawer units to back-office note counters, each solution is designed to improve cash management and optimise the cash handling process.

      Cash deposit
    • Cash Recycling
      Cash Recycling

      Manage your cash handling processes efficiently and optimise your cash flow with cash recycling solutions.

      Saferecycling RS6
    • Closed Cash Management
      Closed Cash Management

      Upgrade to a smart, simple and efficient way to manage your business, handle cash and remove cash differences.

      closed cash management safepay nr2 netto
    • Coin Roll Dispensers
      Coin Roll Dispensers

      Automated dispensers for coins and/or banknotes of all denominations. A versatile, flexible and efficient way to manage your cash.

      safecoin - coin roll dispensers
    • Banking

      Reliable cash management solutions for banks which improve the accuracy and efficiency of depositing, transferring and recycling cash.

      Cash management for banks
    • Software

      Accessible from mobile, tablet and desktop devices, so you can control every single cash operation remotely.

      Software cash management
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Cash management - Gunnebo

Cash Management

Smart cash management solutions which improve cash process efficiency and reduce the cost of cash.

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Find the Right Solution for You

Cash management - Deposit Solutions

Cash Deposit

Cash made smart

Front and back-office cash deposit solutions for more efficient cash handling.

Cash management - Recycling Solutions

Cash Recycling

Keep your cash flowing

Optimse your cash flow through efficient and secure cash recycling.

Cash management - Closed Cash Management

Closed Cash Management

Upgrade your business

Take control of the whole cash cycle with better security and efficiency across all cash processes.

bank cash management products


Trust is our business

Optimise your cash handling processes and gives you greater transparency over operations.

Cash Management - Cash Software solutions

Cash Software Solutions

Control through connectivity

Online tools for the monitoring, maintenance and management of cash handling operations.

Retail brochure cash management
Cash Management in Retail

Learn about the benefits of smart cash management solutions for retailers

Gunnebo not only delivered cost savings, but also great service

Heinz Buechel, Director of Finance, Hilton Zürich