• Cash Deposit
      Cash Deposit

      From front-office cash drawer units to back-office note counters, each solution is designed to improve cash management and optimise the cash handling process.

    • Cash Recycling
      Cash Recycling

      Self-service terminals for handling large volumes of notes and coins to improve the management of cash for retailers and banks.

      SafeRecycling R6
    • Closed Cash Management
      Closed Cash Management

      Replace manual tills with a system which recycles and protects cash from the moment it leaves the customer’s hand until it reaches the cash-counting centre. A secure way to handle cash efficiently and remove cash differences. 

      SafePay CR3
    • Software

      Software accessible from desktops, tablets or mobiles, to allow you to control every single movement without having to be physically present.

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Cash Recycling

Self-service terminals to improve management of cash for retailers.

Keep your cash flowing steadily and smoothly

Nowadays, new payment methods are changing the way customers pay, but cash still remains the most common form of payment in the world. Even for those places where cash is secondary, the costs associated with cash management have increased.

Cash is constantly circulating and it needs to be managed effectively. Just like water. Cash needs to flow easily and smoothly if you want to get the most out of it.

Improve your cash flow efficiently and safely with our cash recycling solutions.


Discover the advantages with Gunnebo's cash recycling solutions

  • Monitoring

    Track your cash levels per denomination in real-time for each store.

  • Reduce costs

    Inform CIT about cash levels across your chain of stores to improve collection planning and re-filling schedules.​

  • Reduce errors

    Deposited notes are automatically sorted, authenticated and stacked in recycling cassettes.

SafeRecycling RS6_CR5

Fast and effective processing of large volumes of cash

Full scale back office note and coin recycler for smart cash management and optimal cash flow

SafeRecycling RS6_CR5

SafeRecycling R6

Fast and efficient processing of cash

Cash recycling solution which optimises cash flow, enhances security and lowers costs

SafeRecycling R6
Gunnebo not only delivered cost savings, but also great service

Heinz Buechel, Director of Finance, Hilton Zürich