• Cash Deposit
      Cash Deposit

      From front-office cash drawer units to back-office note counters, each solution is designed to improve cash management and optimise the cash handling process.

      Cash deposit
    • Cash Recycling
      Cash Recycling

      Manage your cash handling processes efficiently and optimise your cash flow with cash recycling solutions.

      Saferecycling RS6
    • Closed Cash Management
      Closed Cash Management

      Upgrade to a smart, simple and efficient way to manage your business, handle cash and remove cash differences.

      closed cash management safepay nr2 netto
    • Coin Roll Dispensers
      Coin Roll Dispensers

      Automated dispensers for coins and/or banknotes of all denominations. A versatile, flexible and efficient way to manage your cash.

      safecoin - coin roll dispensers
    • Banking

      Reliable cash management solutions for banks which improve the accuracy and efficiency of depositing, transferring and recycling cash.

      Cash management for banks
    • Software

      Accessible from mobile, tablet and desktop devices, so you can control every single cash operation remotely.

      Software cash management
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Coin roll dispenser

Coin Roll Dispensers

Fast, efficient and flexible coin roll dispensing range for the automated deposit, dispensing and exchange of coins.

Optimise Coin Roll Dispensing

Gunnebo SafeCoin coin roll dispensers are fast and secure solutions for banks and retail which offer a time-saving, self-service experience.

  • coin roll dispenser - design icon
    Compact Design

    Save bank lobby space and offer a wider range of services

  • coin roll dispenser - staff icon
    Less Staff Involvement

    Employees can focus on more value-added customer activities

  • coin roll dispenser - userfriendly icon

    Easy for customers to operate and for staff to manage

Coin Roll Dispenser Range

Coin roll dispenser - safecoin D700
SafeCoin D700
Coin roll dispenser - safecoin D710 F
SafeCoin D710 F
safecoin D900 - coin roll dispenser
SafeCoin D900

Flexible Configuration

Choose from through-the-wall, in-the-wall or freestanding models.

Banks can adapt and configure the coin roll dispensers from branch to branch to meet local design requirements.

Multiple Exchange Options

As well as coin rolls and individual coins, SafeCoin can also accept banknotes.

Exchange options include:

- Banknotes to coin rolls

- Banknotes to coins

- Coins to coins

- Banknote to banknotes

Storage Capacity

SafeCoin offers high-capacity coin roll dispensing thanks to modules which can house up to 525 rolls and hoppers which can store with up to 2000 coins.

Remote Management

SafeCoin software offers a wide range connectivity to the most common monitoring platforms. Main features are real-time monitoring of the content, checking transactions, device status and retrieving statistical data.

Automated sending of emails triggered by freely configurable events is also possible.

For the local area network as a standard, the machine is equipped with an integrated web-server based monitoring system.

We Are Here for You

Maximise performance, minimise downtime

Our customer service and support professionals are on hand to make sure your business keeps running. When you need us, we will be there for you. 

Cash management solutions are tailored to offer support availability, access to remote diagnostics and guaranteed response times.

Benefit from our maintenance service at all levels: preventive (detect errors in advance), corrective (diagnose errors and restore systems to normal) and performance (ensure operational excellence through real-time online monitoring).

We also offer a technical hotline that connects with banks and CIT services to provide 24/7 remote management and cash monitoring.