Billund Airport
Billund, Denmark
Solution Required
Automated pre-security gates
Product Used
Gunnebo PreSec

Billund Airport, Denmark

Automated Pre-Security Gates Improve the Passenger Experience



Billund is an international airport located in the west of Denmark. It serves approximately 3 million passengers per year making it Denmark’s second largest airport. It offers 50 direct routes within Europe as well as 50 charter destinations and is a hub for 530 one-stop connections around the world. During peak season, Billund Airport handles around 50,000 passengers a day.


Since the airport was opened in 1964 it has experienced remarkable growth. It has expanded from offering only two daily domestic flights to the international airport it is today with an annual passenger throughput of 3 million and a 40,000 square metre terminal.

Billund’s strategy is to continue to grow which means a constant focus on security to ensure all travellers have a safe and calm experience into and out of the airport.

With a growing volume of passengers, Billund needs to manage the flow of people to avoid increased queuing times. Volumes fluctuate during any given day and this can easily lead to bottlenecks when checking boarding passes – a situation which creates stress for travellers and staff alike.


Using PreSec automated pre-security gates from Gunnebo, Billund Airport manages increasing passenger volumes. At the gates, passengers scan their boarding passes themselves before proceeding through to security. 

The self-service gates read the barcode off either a printed or digital boarding pass and, provided the details are valid, allow the passenger entry. On passage, the traveller is registered in the airport’s system.

Billund has a total of four Gunnebo PreSec gates as well as two FastTrack gates and a wider manually operated gate for wheelchair users and families with pushchairs.

This combination means that the airport can offer its passengers a better service with the same staffing levels as before.

Customer Comments

"The solution is reliable and stable and has been operational since the day it was installed."

"Prior to installation, we greatly appreciated the open dialogue we had with Gunnebo. Working together we found the optimal location for the PreSec gates and chose a design which was in keeping with the rest of the airport."

"In addition, it leads to faster throughput so our passengers have more time to enjoy the shops, lounge and restaurants."

"Now we have no bottlenecks and the risk of stressful situations is almost non-existent. We have happy passengers which in turn has a positive effect on airport staff."