• Retail Gates
      Retail Gates

      Mechanical turnstiles and motorised swing gates offering a cost-effective solution to guide and control the flow of shoppers at retail outlets.

      Retail Entrance Gates and Shop Turnstiles
    • Tripod Turnstiles
      Tripod Turnstiles

      Our tripod turnstiles are compact and cost-effective with low power consumption and high reliability. Suitable for providing secure access control wherever there is a large and constant flow of people, for both internal and external use.

      Stadia and Sports Grounds
    • Speed Gates
      Speed Gates

      Our speed gates provide fast, reliable access control of your building's entrance without compromising on security, while seamlessly blending in to the aesthetics of the surrounding space.

      Gunnebo Speed Gates
    • Entrance Gates
      Entrance Gates

      Entrance gates and glass turnstiles designed to combine smooth operation with uncompromised security, ideal for buildings where style and design are important.

      Entrance Gates and Glass Turnstiles
    • Full Height Turnstiles
      Full Height Turnstiles

      Full height security turnstiles for robust access control, well suited to exterior and interior use at football stadiums, sport facilities and high risk sites

      Gunnebo Full Height Turnstiles
    • Airport Security Gates
      Airport Security Gates

      Provide your airport passengers with a self-controlled journey, allowing freedom of movement without compromising security and automated gates to streamline every stage of the process.

      Airport Security Gates
    • Metro Ticket Gates
      Metro Ticket Gates

      Ticket gates and metro turnstiles providing automatic fare collection for public transport systems that combine high passenger throughput and safety with reliability, robustness and effective prevention of fare evasion.

      Metro Applications
    • Revolving Doors
      Revolving Doors

      Provide fast and stylish access control ideal for offices, hotels or other commercial buildings, where a steady flow of people needs to be managed with elegance and efficiency

      Gunnebo Revolving Doors
    • Airport and Aviation
      Airport and Aviation

      Todays airports are not just locations where passengers get on and off aircraft. Highest security standards have to be followed, cost-driven efficiency must be achieved and the best passenger experience provided in this very competitive environment.

    • Metro and Public Transport
      Metro and Public Transport

      Automatic fare collection gates for the public transport sector that combine high passenger throughput and safety with reliability, robustness and effective prevention of fare evasion.

      Metro and Public Transport
    • Offices and Public Buildings
      Offices and Public Buildings

      Gunnebo’s entrance security solutions give you access control over your visitors’ flow to, from and around a location.

      Public Buildings and Offices
    • Stadia and Sports Facilities
      Stadia and Sports Facilities

      Modern sports facilities have become multi-functional complexes integrating commercial, retail, dining and entertainment spaces where comfort, safety and security are helped by on-going advancements in technology.

      Stadia and Sport Grounds
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Public Buildings and Offices

Offices and Public Buildings

Gunnebo’s entrance security solutions give you control over your visitors’ access to, from and around your offices and buildings. Options include sleek, modern speed gates for offices and traditional tripod turnstiles for museums and visitor attractions.


Effective entrance security for offices isn’t as simple as it sounds. Office blocks must manage entry for employees so that they can seamlessly move into and out of the building, but prevent access to unauthorised individuals. Security managers need to consider the level of security required and balance this against expected flow rates.

There is also the aesthetic aspect to consider. Entrance gates should add to the overall look and feel of a reception area, not detract from it. So both architects and security specialists have to think carefully about how to effectively manage entrance control for commercial buildings.


In a retail setting entrance gates help create a calm and safe environment, providing customers separation from busy public spaces such as the high street, so they can enjoy shopping in a relaxed, engaged frame of mind and fully appreciate your in-store displays and branding with less distraction.

Entrance gates also provide a deterrent to acts of theft and can be used to ensure a natural one-way flow through your store from entry point to secure checkout areas where it is more difficult to exit without having paid for goods.


Schools, colleges and universities often operate an open-door policy and typically house a number of public and private areas, with a frequent flow of visitors including staff and students, as well as invited guests such as parents or service providers.

An effective but unobtrusive entrance control solution is therefore very important to ensure the security and safety of students and staff alike, while protecting their personal items from theft or vandalism in addition to securing the institutions assets and equipment.

Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Leisure and fitness centres have to manage a frequent flow of customers with different access rights, preventing unauthorised entry to non-members or to members who have not paid to use certain areas of the gym.

An effective entrance control solution should allow staff to concentrate on customer service instead of having to constantly police who is coming in and out of the site, so it should be effective when the reception is unmanned or staff are busy dealing with customers.

Museums and Attractions

We’ve all seen how long the queues can get outside of tourist attractions like museums and galleries. If your system can only manage four or five transactions per minute and you’re looking at a peak flow of two dozen people within that same timeframe, there’s going to be a bottleneck.

Bear in mind that in public access buildings, there’s a bigger chance you’ll encounter visitors who need staff assistance to use, what is to them, an unfamiliar entrance system. These hold-ups have to be factored into your speed of entry too.

Egeskov Castle is an historical attraction but we are also a modern business. The solution from Gunnebo has given us a visual lift and has also improved security.

Henrik Neelmeyer, CEO, Egeskov Castle