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SafeBag ADX-S2

Secure Sealbag Deposit System

24 hour availabilty sealbag deposit system integrated into bank lobbies

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  • safebag secure system icon
    Secure System

    Authentication is carried out at every stage of the process

  • safebag self service lobby icon

    Designed for integration into self-service bank lobbies

  • safebag user touch screen

    Touch screen guides users through the deposit procedure step by step

SafeBag ADX-S2

SafeBag ADX-S2 is a compact deposit system for sealbags designed for 24/7 availability and integration into your self-service lobby.

The system is quick and simple to use and clients can be assured that their deposits have been made using an extremely secure system.

The ADX-S2 can also be integrated into your network, providing all deposit information required to optimise your logistics process.


SafeBag ADX-S2 is designed for secure transactions. The client is identified by means of a magnetic card, combined in certain cases with a code. When deposited, the barcode on the sealbag is recorded by a reader on the fascia and one inside the safe. On collection, a handheld barcode reader can also be used to scan the bags as they are removed from the safe. This closed system offers high security.

The system also prevents the retrieval of any deposit so that a sealbag cannot be intercepted on the way to the safe.

The deposit safe itself offers high-quality burglary protection and is available from Grades 1 to 4. The safe's construction is based on that of safes which have been awarded EN 1143-1, the stringent European certification for burglary protection.


With its 2D barcode readers and 10”4 touch screen, SafeBag ADX-S2 provides the option to communicate with mobile phone applications via QR codes. This adds even faster and more secure ways of communicating with the SafeBag unit during the deposit process. 

To make standard transactions as straightforward as possible, a touch screen guides the client through each stage of the process. Once the transaction is complete, SafeBag ADX-S2 prints the client’s receipt.



  • Operating Temperature: 0°C–40°C
  • Humidity: 5%–85% without condensation
  • Power Consumption: 80W in use
  • Power Supply: 230V +/– 10%, 50Hz

We Are Here for You

Maximise performance, minimise downtime

Our customer service and support professionals are on hand to make sure your business keeps running. When you need us, we will be there for you. 

Cash management solutions are tailored to offer support availability, access to remote diagnostics and guaranteed response times.

Benefit from our maintenance service at all levels: preventive (detect errors in advance), corrective (diagnose errors and restore systems to normal) and performance (ensure operational excellence through real-time online monitoring).

We also offer a technical hotline that connects with banks and CIT services to provide 24/7 remote management and cash monitoring.