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SafeStore Auto

Automated self-service system based on robotised solution that takes safe deposit lockers to a new level.

Round-the-clock access to safe deposit lockers, enabling deposit or retrieval of valuables at any time and on any day of the week.

SafeStore Auto is a safe deposit locker system that combines next-generation automated technology and advanced customer identification features to deliver 24/7 accessibility without compromising top-level security

Self-service safe deposit lockers at their best

Lockers are stored in a high-security vault and, once the customer’s identity and authority to access the lockers have been verified and checked by the advanced identification system – card reader, PIN or biometric fingerprint scanning – SafeStore Auto swings into action.

The locker is transported by the robot, from the vault to a secure room where the customer can access it at a self-service terminal at any time of the day or night. After use, the system closes the locker and automatically sends it back into the vault.

Compact, modular or customisable configuration

Choose from three system options

  • SafeStore Auto Mini: entirely mobile and ideal for small and narrow areas.
  • SafeStore Auto Midi: the plug-and-play compact model for medium to large-sized locations.
  • SafeStore Auto Maxi: the flexible solution that is ideal for large installations. Units can be customised in different colours and materials to match the surrounding area.

Paramount security

Besides the use of advanced customer identification technology, the entire SafeStore Auto range is certified according to FIDUCIA financial system and EMV (Europay, MasterCard and VISA) standards. The units are certified for up to Grade X burglary protection.   

Optimised back-office administration

The system is monitored remotely in real time, no matter where it is located. SafeControl software enables quick and easy management and control of lockers, providing up-to-the-minute business intelligence and reducing administration.

Access for everyone

A special EN 1332-1:2009-certified option allows wheelchair access and eliminates any barriers for customers who have difficulties moving around. An ergonomic, adjustable touch screen attached to the terminal with a flexible arm, a modern and interactive software interface, and a new card reader make the system easy to operate for disabled people.

A revolution in safe deposit lockers

Discover the advantages of the SafeStore Auto automated safe deposit locker system.

  • Automated technology for 24/7 accessibility

    Customers no longer need to be accompanied by a member of staff when accessing their lockers.

  • Flexible by design

    Cutting-edge design and ergonomic interactive touch screen terminal for an outstanding user experience.

  • Customisation at your service

    Three unit options with different locker sizes and colour configurations to seamlessly integrate with any visual identity.

  • Even higher security

    High-level security certification: FIDUCIA and EMV-certified system, and up to Grade X burglary certification.

SafeStore Auto: Automated Security for 24/7 Availability

SafeStore Auto combines next-generation automated technology and advanced customer identification features to deliver 24/7 accessibility without compromising top-level security.

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Increase your safe deposit lockers income

Innovative software that gives you complete control of your safe deposit lockers and a smoother service for customers.


SafeStore Auto Mini

Automated safe deposit locker system for a quick installation in small and narrow or temporary self-service areas

Compact self-service locker system for always on-availability

SafeStore Auto Mini

SafeStore Auto Midi

Automated safe deposit locker system for medium to large self-service areas, without requiring a pre-built vault

24/7 self-service locker system without compromising top-level security

SafeStore Auto Midi

SafeStore Auto Maxi

Automated safe deposit locker system for large self-service areas on multiple floors, including basement and cellar

Next-generation automated safe deposit locker system enabling deposit or retrieval of precious items at any time and on any day of the week

SafeStore Auto Maxi


Control access to highly-secure areas

Access control unit designed to protect your high-security self-service lobby , including safe deposit lockers and cash depositing services.

"Our customers now have access to their lockers on extended hours. For us, SafeStore Auto is a modern solution that facilitates the management of service, freeing time for employees."

Fréderic Havret, Marketing & Distribution Manager of Retail Banking, Caisse d’Epargne

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Office Buildings
Public Administrations
Industrial Facilities
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