Sustainability Approach

Gunnebo’s vision is to be a leading provider of a safer future by supplying solutions which protect people, valuables and assets.

We strive to have the best security products that make a difference in managing cash, protecting assets or controlling the flow of people. 

This comes with many responsibilities, one of which is to define how business should be done. For Gunnebo, it goes without saying that we strive for sustainability in all aspects of our business: 

  • We aim to build and maintain a sustainable and ethical business – internally and in collaboration with our business partners. 
  • We want to offer good working and living conditions for both our employees and people around us. 
  • We want to minimise our impact on the planet by controlling our waste, our emissions and our consumption of energy and natural resources. 
  • The Group’s mission is to create a safer world – for its customers, business partners, employees and society as a whole.
Our Business 

Economic Performance 

Our ambition is to achieve the financial goals we have set and demonstrate good profitable and sustainable growth while minimising our risks. 


Nothing can be achieved without good leadership. Sustainability in Gunnebo is driven by a Group Sustainability Committee led by our CEO. 

On a local scale, we want to demonstrate good governance by implementing QSE certification in each of our plants and whenever necessary for our sales companies. 

Lastly, through Gunnebo’s Code of Conduct, employees are given clear guidelines defining how they should act ethically in every aspect of their job. 


Legislation and society are placing an ever-increasing demand on organisations to implement reliable systems to control their suppliers. 

More than ever, there is a need to determine how serious our external contractors and service providers are and to professionally assess the suitability of their arrangements. With this in mind we want to establish clear guidelines to determine which suppliers can work with Gunnebo and implement necessary control to achieve that. 

Our People 

Health & Safety 

It is our goal to provide safe working conditions for our employees or people exposed to our activities and offer healthy working environments where employees can develop. 

Our main focus is to control our main risk activities through dedicated programmes in order to prevent any major incidents. 

It also helps us increase employee awareness about risk and helps our continuous work to decrease our accident rate. 

Development, Training & Engagement 

To deliver profitable growth over time Gunnebo needs to equip its employees with the insights and competencies of today, tomorrow and the future. Gunnebo needs to foster a culture and environment that drives and facilitates ownership, accountability and engagement. 

We are committed to regularly giving our employees the opportunity to speak up through surveys and during reviews with their managers. 


Gunnebo supports the community that we operate in. Our intention is to create a sound foundation for success both today and for tomorrow. Our employees, stakeholders and customers live by our side. We can and we will support initiatives which aim to create a better future. This will benefit our employees and their lives. 

Our Impact 

Climate & Energy 

We identify our energy consumption, and its effect on the climate, as having a major environmental impact. CO2 emissions and energy consumption are the areas where we can make the most difference. 

Indeed, we can directly act to reduce our energy consumption, improve our energy efficiency and control our CO2 emissions. 

Natural Resources 

To conserve natural resources for future generations, sustainable management of the natural environment is necessary. We continuously work to optimise our use of water and raw materials through the improvement of our processes. 


Lastly, we think that managing our waste helps reduce our environmental impact. We strive to reduce the waste we generate. 

Whenever it is possible, we favour the reuse of waste water within our own processes, thus reducing water consumption and waste water rejection. 

We manage our hazardous waste to lessen its impact on the environment and aim to direct our general waste to recycling or energy recovery systems.