Sustainability and Suppliers

Legislation and society are placing an ever-increasing demand on organisations to implement reliable systems to control their suppliers. 

More than ever, there is a need to determine how serious our external contractors and service providers are and to professionally assess the suitability of their arrangements. With this in mind we want to establish clear guidelines to determine which suppliers can work with Gunnebo and implement necessary control to achieve that.

As reflected in our own Code of Conduct, we are committed to a high standard of integrity and sustainability and we expect our suppliers to adhere to similar standards and to conduct their business ethically. Hence, we have established a Supplier Code of Conduct to define those principles. 

We expect all of our suppliers and subcontractors to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, the requirements for which are expressed in our Supplier Code of Conduct together with their contractual obligations to Gunnebo. This is an important part of supplier selection and evaluation. We also expect our suppliers to duplicate these principles further down the supply chain.