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Gunnebo Locksmith and Door Hardware Capabilities

At Gunnebo we take great pride in our Locksmithing & Door Hardware expertise and professionalism which has been developed over 60 years across Canada. Our proven ability to design, deploy and support what others cannot places Gunnebo as the premier Security Solution provider in Canada. Our scalable security approach supports a wide range of client verticals including the top Canadian Financial Institutions, Retailers, Government, Critical Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Entertainment & Hospitality, Industrial and Commercial businesses across the country. Our National Service Support Call Center provides an efficient single point of contact for all your requirements and manages deployment of our technicians across the country providing 24/7/365 Service & Installation support.

Intelligent Key Solutions

Intelligent key solutions are the ultimate evolution of physical key systems offering a number of unique capabilities not found in traditional mechanical key systems. Providing scheduling and audit capabilities, without running cables or batteries at the door, intelligent key systems can be deployed virtually anywhere, dramatically enhancing security and control, while reducing operating and management costs.

As these solutions are fully digital, lost keys and patent life cycle are effectively eliminated - delivering significant cost savings over the lifetime of the system and the ultimate level of security

  • Full audit, accountability and scheduling on virtually any lock, anywhere

  • Eliminate risks and financial costs with lost key events

  • Eliminate patent lifecycle

  • Protection from emerging risks, such as 3D printing

  • Active and automatic control, reducing management and administration costs

  • Leverages existing hardware, reducing deployment costs

  • Streamline and simplify operations while dramatically enhancing security

Gunnebo currently manages some of the largest, national scale, intelligent key systems in Canada, and has market leading partnerships with Medeco, iLOQ and other manufacturers.

High Security Solutions

The security industry has relied on the UL437 standard for decades as the benchmark against which all high security lock solutions are measured. Since pioneering the first UL437 system over 50 years ago, Medeco remains the premiere manufacturer of UL437 certified solutions, and continues to develop platforms to protect against evolving risks.

Gunnebo’s latest Medeco platform, M4, builds on this legacy of high security by incorporating active elements to protect against emerging risks such as 3D printing. With the widest range of cylinders in the industry, Medeco lock cylinders can be retrofitted to virtually any hardware, expanding the reach of the master key system, and simplifying management and control so you can focus on your core business with peace of mind.

Keys are protected by Federal Utility Patents, defending against unauthorized duplication, maximizing security and key control. All Medeco keys incorporate custom coining, (unique ID/Marking) to identify the key’s origin, and keys produced by Gunnebo are sequentially marked to aid in key audits and system management.

As Canada’s largest locksmith, Gunnebo’s in-house experts provide end-to-end solutions, including site surveys and system design, installation and support, and management services, all focused on maximizing your security while minimizing impacts to your budget.

Key Control Solutions

The bedrock of every key system solution is key control. For more than 50 years, Medeco has led the industry in this field, and has a proven track record of actively protecting systems that is unrivaled. As the largest Medeco Security Centre in the country, no other security partner offers more effective key management programs and solutions than Gunnebo.

Since its introduction, Medeco’s X4 platform has become one of the most popular solutions in the market for providing true patented key control. Available in conventional and small format interchangeable cylinder (SFIC) formats, X4 can be easily deployed throughout an organization to secure everything from the overrides on EAC doors, to offices and storage areas, cabinets and even padlocks.

All keys are protected by Federal Utility Patent, against unauthorized duplication, ensuring maximum key control, and incorporate custom coining, (unique ID/Marking) to identify the key’s origin. Gunnebo also sequentially marks each key to aid in key audits and system management.

As the nation’s largest locksmith, Gunnebo’s in-house experts provide end-to-end solutions, including site surveys and system design, installation and support, and management services, all focused on maximizing your security while minimizing cost.

Commercial Key Solutions

Unrestricted key systems remain one of the most prevalent key solutions found in the marketplace today. As these systems do not incorporate any form of key control or high security, they are very economical to deploy, and can be found securing doors, padlocks and displays across the country.

Whether your key system is an older platform where the patent has expired, but you wish to maintain it in place, or your organization simply relies on open commercial keyways for lower risk areas, Gunnebo’s experts can service and maintain all these systems seamlessly and economically.

Service and Support

Since our beginnings in 1954, exceptional service has been at the very core of our success. With branches from coast to coast, Gunnebo provides clients with unmatched service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, virtually anywhere in the country. Our team of experts are there to support you every step of the way, simplifying and streamlining operations and management of your system for your team, while ensuring your security objects are uniformly applied across all your operations.

Weather through our on-demand service, or one of our project groups, our client services include:

  • Detailed site surveys and security assessments

  • Security and system audits

  • Client centric solution evaluations, including ROI potentials

  • Tailored solution design, including master key design

  • Deployment and project management services

  • System management

  • Training and support

  • 24/365 Service and support via our 14 branches

  • Unified Billing

  • Portal management

Door Hardware

Regardless of how an opening is secured, whether it’s the main entrance, an office door, or a remote gate, the hardware is the very backbone of every security solution. Gunnebo’s direct partnerships with ASSA ALBOY, Allegion and other manufacturers, provides our clients with the widest range of hardware solutions to address any requirements.

  • Architectural Hardware

  • Egress (exit) Hardware

  • Automatic Door Operators

  • Electronic Access Control Hardware including electric strikes, electromagnetic door holders and exit devices

  • Hands-Free Opening Solutions

  • Multi-point locking solutions

  • Electronic & Mechanical keypad locksets both offline or online solutions

  • Specialty Hardware such as concealed or electronic closers, low energy operators, door viewers, astragals, etc.

  • Cabinet locks & Hardware

  • Key Cabinets including digital and integrated solutions

Our hardware is available in grade 1 and grade 2, with ANSI and BHMA certifications, allowing clients to balance costs, with durability and longevity. And all our technicians are factory trained and certified to service all makes and models of hardware, including automatic door operators.

With over 60 years of experience in the field, Gunnebo also supports a number of security integrators, providing comprehensive support on projects with hardware, locks, door operators, electric strike installation and support services.

Security Doors and Partitions

Security doors, interlocking doors, windows and partitions which are certified to safeguard against fire, explosions, firearms, burglary and vandalism.

We are the global leader and look forward to discussing your specific requirements and providing the ideal solution to secure your site.