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SafeStore Auto

Automated self-service system based on robotised solution that takes safe deposit lockers to a new level.

Round-the-clock access to safe deposit lockers, enabling deposit or retrieval of valuables at any time and on any day of the week.

SafeStore Auto is a safe deposit locker system that combines next-generation automated technology and advanced customer identification features to deliver 24/7 accessibility without compromising top-level security

A revolution in safe deposit lockers

Discover the advantages of the SafeStore Auto automated safe deposit locker system

  • Gunnebo-icon-M-063
    24/7 accessibility

    Customers have access any time and don't need any staff assistance during retrival or deposit

  • Gunnebo-icon-M-015
    Self service at its best

    User-friendly card reader and interactive touch screen gives an outstanding user experience

  • Gunnebo-icon-M-014

    Three unit options with different locker sizes and colour configurations to seamlessly integrate in any self service area.

Automated security with 24/7 availability

Read more about how tomorrow’s self-service security takes safe deposit lockers to the next level which gives flexibility and convenience for today’s demanding customers.


SafeStore Auto Maxi

Automated safe deposit locker system for large self-service areas on multiple floors, including basement and cellar

Next-generation automated safe deposit boxes enabling deposit or retrieval of precious items at any time and on any day of the week

SafeStore Auto Maxi

SafeStore Auto Midi

Automated safe deposit locker system for medium to large self-service areas, without requiring a pre-built vault

24/7 self-service safe deposit boxes without compromising top-level security

SafeStore Auto Midi

SafeStore Auto Mini

Automated safe deposit locker system for a quick installation in small and narrow or temporary self-service areas

Compact self-service safe deposit boxes for always on-availability

SafeStore Auto Mini


Control access to highly secured areas

Access control unit, designed to protect your high-security self-service lobby, including safe deposit lockers and cash depositing services


Disinfection Module

Ensure a hygienic environment in any self-service area

State-of-the-art, software-controlled disinfection technology that sterilises the air and surfaces in private rooms of self-service areas before granting access to another person, controlled via the SafeT access control unit

Disinfection Module

SafeControl Manager

Intelligent control and efficient management of all types of locker systems including electronic high security locks

SafeControl Manager is a central, browser-based software portal that allows you to control and manage your network of Gunnebo and non-Gunnebo locker systems.

SafeControl Manager
"Our customers now have access to their lockers on extended hours. For us, SafeStore Auto is a modern solution that facilitates the management of service, freeing time for employees."

Fréderic Havret, Marketing & Distribution Manager of Retail Banking, Caisse d’Epargne

Application Areas

Office Buildings
Public Administrations
Industrial Facilities
Healthcare Facilities