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Protecting the Cloud is Top Priority for Data Centres

[Business and operations] Published 03-05-2022

NEXTDC's data centres rely on a range of security products

Gunnebo is helping to make digital infrastructure secure

Gunnebo has built a close partnership with Australia’s leading provider of data centre services, for which security of the cloud is a top priority. 

NEXTDC hosts the servers that constitute the cloud – in other words, the data that we access over the internet. Managing and storing data in the cloud has become one of the cornerstones of business and industry across the globe. 

As a result, the data centre industry itself is seeing strong growth internationally. Australia’s government recently classified data centres as “critical infrastructure” upon which the economy depends. 
“Together with Gunnebo, we have raised the industry standard for security,” says George Dionisopoulos, Head of Security at NEXTDC.

NEXTDC's 10 data centres in Australia rely on a range of security products. It all starts with a Gunnebo “hostile vehicle mitigation system” as you enter the facilities. Then there is the next barrier: a secure guardhouse fitted by Gunnebo with bullet-proof glass.

Then you come to Gunnebo’s revolving security doors, with a three-step verification process including biometrics, RFID and a pin-code. These sophisticated doors also offer single person detection, anti-hostage threshold, bullet resistant safety glass and high accuracy verification through an inbuilt reader. Gunnebo has provided further security doors and partitions at other points within these data centres, together with electronic surveillance systems.

Customers to NEXTDC say they are “blown away” by the attention to detail that the company has put into managing the risk around their digital infrastructure – it gives them peace of mind.
You can see these security technologies in action in the YouTube video above.

To read more about Gunnebo’s work with NEXTDC, click here