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Diversity Drive Starts With ‘Women in Leadership’ Initiative

Women Leadership at Gunnebo

Gunnebo Group has launched an initiative for women managers to support their ability to grow and develop through professional coaching and advice. 

All women managers with direct reports at Gunnebo will be invited to take part in masterclasses and coaching sessions.  

Gunnebo’s Sustainability Approach has an increased focus on diversity, including a commitment to achieve a target of 30% of the under-represented gender at management level. In most parts of Gunnebo, this means more women in management.  

“In recent years we have had a focus on diversity through information sessions, development programmes and recruitment. But it is not enough,” says Christian Carlsson, SVP Human Resources and Sustainability. 

“On International Women’s Day (March 8, 2022), we announced the Women in Leadership initiative as another important step towards our strategic goal of strengthening diversity within Gunnebo Group.” 

The Women in Leadership initiative will consist of three streams: 

- Masterclasses: inspirational talks by an external leader, where successful business women reflect on their careers and offer tips and advice 

- Coaching and development sessions by external specialists 

- Recruitment and HR initiatives within the business. 

Masterclasses will begin before the summer, while coaching and development sessions will take place in the autumn. 

“With this initiative, as part of our Diversity & Inclusion journey, we hope to support and develop women leaders at Gunnebo, as well as increase the percentage of women in managerial positions,” says Clara Colomes at Group HR, who is leading the initiative. 

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