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Gunnebo Has Become an Even Better Place to Work, Survey Shows

Gunnebo scored very well for professional development

Positive progress was achieved despite the Covid pandemic

Gunnebo’s latest employee survey reveals that the company became a better place to work in almost all respects, when compared with the previous survey two years ago.

Positive progress was achieved despite the Covid pandemic, and despite Gunnebo’s existing high score compared to global industry benchmarks.

A large majority of employees (85%) took part, allowing solid conclusions to be drawn from the results.

“The highest ever participation rate indicates our employees’ global commitment to Gunnebo and making progress,” said Christian Carlsson, SVP Human Resources & Sustainability.

The overall index for employee engagement – measured in terms of sense of achievement, willingness to go the extra mile, our values and objectives, and willingness to recommend Gunnebo as an employer – has grown steadily since the first employee survey in 2015.

The results were compared with a comprehensive external benchmark of company performance internationally. For example, Gunnebo’s employee engagement score was 80.8, compared with 77.7 for global industry.

Conducted with full anonymity for employees, the overall results show that:

  • Willingness of Gunnebo employees “to go the extra mile” scored very well compared with global industry
  • There was a large improvement in the number of employees prepared to recommend Gunnebo as an employer
  • Gunnebo scored very well in terms of how employees feel about their own professional development
  • Internal co-operation between departments has improved significantly since 2019
  • More employees than in 2019 said that “the future of our company seems bright”.
  • Employees said they had a high level of confidence that the company would use the survey results to make improvements

The Group Executive Team and Global Human Resources are now discussing action plans based on the survey results and in collaboration with Gunnebo worldwide leaders. 

To learn more about working for Gunnebo, click here