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Automatic Immigration Control for Airports

Accelerates the immigration process while increasing security with integrated biometrics technology and single person detection


Streamline the Passenger Process


  • Increase Passenger Flow

    Minimise queues and queing time

  • Biometric Integration

    Automates the border control process and collection of passport data

  • Advanced Detection

    Superior detection algorithm ensures a single person entry per passage

Scalable Solution

The slim and ergonomic design allows the ImmSec to be installed in single or multiple lane configurations, providing an open feel to the traveller without compromising security.

Flexible Configuration

Designed upon a modular chassis platform to provide flexibility in accommodating different data capture and biometric verification devices, including readers for smart ID cards, MRTDs and RFID passports.

High Performance and Reliability

Employs our robust mechanism philosophy to keep operation and maintenance cost to a minimum and maximise throughput using a highly reliable DC motor and brake mechanism.

We have achieved a more uniform, fast and efficient passenger flow while ensuring security

Jan Skov, Head of Security, Billund Airport


Key Specifications

  • Dimensions Walkway: Up to 900mm clear walkway configurations, disabled access compliant
  • Lights: Traveller status lights
  • Emergency Opening: Configurable
  • Control Systems: Local / remote
  • Biometric Peripheral Interface: Suitable
  • Flow Rates: Dependent on indvidual Immigration verification requirements
  • MTTR: <30 minutes
  • MCBF: >10 million cycles


  • Power Supply: 110/230Vac 50/60Hz
  • Power Rating: Peak 450VA* Standby 170VA
  • Operating temperature: -5°C to 45°C 95% RH non-condensing
  • Power Failure: Fail Safe
  • *Approx 450VA including all third party peripherals in a typical configuration.

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