• Retail Gates
      Retail Gates

      Mechanical turnstiles and motorised swing gates offering a cost-effective solution to guide and control the flow of shoppers at retail outlets.

      Retail Entrance Gates and Shop Turnstiles
    • Tripod Turnstiles
      Tripod Turnstiles

      Our tripod turnstiles are compact and cost-effective with low power consumption and high reliability. Suitable for providing secure access control wherever there is a large and constant flow of people, for both internal and external use.

      Stadia and Sports Grounds
    • Speed Gates
      Speed Gates

      Our speed gates provide fast, reliable access control of your building's entrance without compromising on security, while seamlessly blending in to the aesthetics of the surrounding space.

      Gunnebo Speed Gates
    • Entrance Gates
      Entrance Gates

      Entrance gates and glass turnstiles designed to combine smooth operation with uncompromised security, ideal for buildings where style and design are important.

      Entrance Gates and Glass Turnstiles
    • Full Height Turnstiles
      Full Height Turnstiles

      Full height security turnstiles for robust access control, well suited to exterior and interior use at football stadiums, sport facilities and high risk sites

      Gunnebo Full Height Turnstiles
    • Airport Security Gates
      Airport Security Gates

      Provide your airport passengers with a self-controlled journey, allowing freedom of movement without compromising security and automated gates to streamline every stage of the process.

      Airport Security Gates
    • Metro Ticket Gates
      Metro Ticket Gates

      Ticket gates and metro turnstiles providing automatic fare collection for public transport systems that combine high passenger throughput and safety with reliability, robustness and effective prevention of fare evasion.

      Metro Applications
    • Revolving Doors
      Revolving Doors

      Provide fast and stylish access control ideal for offices, hotels or other commercial buildings, where a steady flow of people needs to be managed with elegance and efficiency

      Gunnebo Revolving Doors
    • Airport and Aviation
      Airport and Aviation

      Todays airports are not just locations where passengers get on and off aircraft. Highest security standards have to be followed, cost-driven efficiency must be achieved and the best passenger experience provided in this very competitive environment.

    • Metro and Public Transport
      Metro and Public Transport

      Automatic fare collection gates for the public transport sector that combine high passenger throughput and safety with reliability, robustness and effective prevention of fare evasion.

      Metro and Public Transport
    • Offices and Public Buildings
      Offices and Public Buildings

      Gunnebo’s entrance security solutions give you access control over your visitors’ flow to, from and around a location.

      Public Buildings and Offices
    • Stadia and Sports Facilities
      Stadia and Sports Facilities

      Modern sports facilities have become multi-functional complexes integrating commercial, retail, dining and entertainment spaces where comfort, safety and security are helped by on-going advancements in technology.

      Stadia and Sport Grounds
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Metro Full Panel Gate

High Security Fare Collection

Fast and smooth mechanism with sliding glass panels allowing up to 60 passages per minute


Automated Fare Collection

  • Ticketing Solution

    Automated fare collection for metro, bus and train networks

  • Robust and Durable

    Stainless steel cabinet construction and sliding tempered glass panels

  • Fast and Secure

    High passenger throughput with accurate prevention of fraudulent entry

Mode of Operation

Controllable via interface connection to AFC control system.

On receiving a signal from the AFC control system, or remote control, the flap leaves open (Normally Closed NC).

If an unauthorised person tries to tailgate or attempts to enter from the opposite direction, the internal alarm system is activated.

If within the pre-set timeout no passage has occurred, the flaps will close and reset.

Security Features

• High-Performance Fraud Detection through sophisticated and proven algorithm

• Strategically concealed 16x TX and RX infrared photocell arrays

• More than 40 different passage scenarios handled

• Intrusion

• Tailgating

• Piggybacking

• Wrong way direction

• Leave aisle timeout

• Anti-crawling flap leaf barrier

• Passenger with a hand carried luggage

• Passenger with wheeled trolley luggage

Single Person Detection
speedgate tailgating prevention Tailgating Prevention
speedgate wrong way prevention Wrong Way Prevention
Safety Features

• Safety force sensing 

• Safety rubber edges

• Accurate presence sensing

• Emitter/receiver infrared sensors technology

• Logic voltage 24 VAC

• Voltage free contact input for Fire Alarm fail state

• Fail-Safe manual push opening

• Fail-Safe via battery back-up opening (option)

• Wide walkway for wheel chair or child passage management

We have achieved a more uniform, fast and efficient passenger flow while ensuring security

Jan Skov, Head of Security, Billund Airport


Key Specifications

  • Design and Construction: Available versions are in polyurethane PUR painted, and in Stainless Steel finish
  • Versions: Short cabinet length (N/C) or Long cabinet length (N/C)
  • Panel Heights: 1.2m to 1.8m
  • Passage Width: Standard 550mm - Wide 900mm. Available also as Combi-centre cabinet with narrow (550mm) passage in one side and wide (900mm) passage on the other side
  • Design Customisation and Finishes: The Metro Full Panel gate offer great flexibility of design for best integration of AFC devices for best customer choice and passenger experience
  • Reliability Figures: Robust design to withstand high volumes in peak hours
  • Investment: Guaranteed long-term investment protection and profitabilty
  • MCBF: >5.000,000 cycles
  • MTTR: <30 min
  • Flow Rates: Up to 60 passengers/minute throughput (Dependent upon reading technology and response times)
  • Authorisation: Stacking up to 8 authorisations


  • Dimensions Cabinet (HxLxW): 950mm, 1448mm/1932mm, 300mm/480mm
  • Dimensions Passage / Lane Width: 550mm / 900mm
  • Panel Height: 1200mm or 1800mm
  • Footprints: Rectangular or tapered footprints available
  • Power Supply: 230 VAC 50Hz or 115 VAC 60Hz
  • (1) 46 VA stand by, 700VA in operation with Fail-Safe Option
  • Fire Signal: Input for voltage free contact
  • Noise Level: Less than 55dB
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to +40°C (RH 95% not condensing); -20°C with heating system (optional)
  • Low Running Costs: >1%/pa of installation base (Based upon actual 12 month field survey data)
  • IP Rating: IP 20