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      Safes and Vaults

      Certified safes, fire-resistant safes, fire-resistant filing cabinets, deposit safes and storage cabinets for the home and office.

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      Automated Safe Deposit Lockers

      Automated self-service system based on robotised solution that takes safe deposit lockers to a new level

    • Safe Deposit Lockers
      Safe Deposit Lockers

      Safe deposit lockers which offer high protection over valuables stored with either manual or electronical locking options

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      Electromagnetic Protection

      A range of cabinets which protects sensitive IT equipment from electromagnetic pulses.

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      From mechanical locks to electronic solutions for safes, vaults and doors which provide maximum protection.

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      Efficient storage with safe deposit lockers, vault solutions, ATM safes and self-service deposit systems to protect assets and limit the risk for your personnel and customers.

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      Discreet high-protection safes offering customised interior compartments or drop-deposit opening to prevent threats of burglary, robbery and internal theft.

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      High-Risk Sites

      An array of high-resistant security cabinets to provide a physical defence for your IT servers and sensitive electronics while protecting them from electromagnetic pulse radiation.

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Secure-IT Level 2

High level security for IT servers

Security cabinets designed to provide physical protection against intrusion, manipulation and wilful damage.

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Ensure efficiency, confidentiality and continuity

  • Ensure continuity

    Avoid service and operation interruptions, with server access protection

  • Maintain efficiency

    Protect servers to ensure ongoing IT system operation

  • Protect information

    Ensure confidentiality by actively protecting and controlling server access

Easy installation features Secure-IT cabinets are plug-and-play, with no assembly required. Simply install your server units, then connect power and communication cables. Standard cable entry is via the top, with base entry an option for data centres with raised flooring. Secure-IT cabinets are easily base-anchored from within, to resist unauthorised removal.
Locking features
  • A locking handle is supplied as standard, along with a controlling resettable key lock certified to EN 1300 European safe lock standard.
  • A wide range of alternative electronic locks are available, depending on the features and functionality required. All locks are tested and certified to EN 1300 Class A or B.
  • Simple code lock, accepts up to 2 individual user codes
  • Locks for 99+ users
  • Event audit reporting
  • Time lock and time delay
  • IP connectivity for remote lock monitoring
Customisable features
  • Choice of two widths and three depths, to suit your space
  • Larger models are available if more internal space is required
  • Two specification options are available: PASSIVE and ACTIVE. Please see Product Specifications for details
  • Additional ventilation or connection to an external cooling system
  • Additional cable entry points
  • Left-hung door or additional door in the rear
  • The pull-out racking frame can be segregated into individual compartments
Maintenance and Transportation features Individual panels can be removed for maintenance access, or to lighten the load for installation or transportation.
PASSIVE specification features
  • Espagnolette bolt door locking system with locking handle
  • Controlling EN 1300 Certified Key Lock
  • Top cable entry with dust filter and cable protection
  • Mounting plate for internal detector
  • 19" server racking
  • Magnetic contact between door and frame for alarm connection
ACTIVE specification features
  • In addition to Passive features:
  • Ventilation system designed for 1kW power input
  • Fan package to ventilate via top of cabinet
  • Thermostatic control of fan speed
  • Potential equalisation to all contactable and conductive parts
  • Temperature display with temperature sensor alarm
  • Double earthed outlets