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About Gunnebo in the U.S.

Gunnebo is a major provider of security equipment, entrance control systems and cash management solutions to the architecture/engineering, banking, retail and restaurant industries, airports and corporate sites, and high-security government institutions. Our customer-centric approach is focused on a partnership with you to ensure your organization's objectives are achieved in the most efficient manner. No other security company offers its customers more product selection or services from a single trusted source.

Our Offering

Gunnebo entrance control

Entrance Control

Optimise people flow and minimise risk

Gunnebo safe storage

Safe Storage

Protect your valuables and confidential data



One of the oldest and most trusted physical security brands in the U.S.

Looking for Service and Support?

Entrance Control 

Service for entrance control solutions including entrance gates, speed gates and revolving doors.

Safe Storage

Service for safe storage solutions including safe deposit lockers, strong rooms, high-security locks and safes.