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Turning security into a valuable management tool at Universal Beijing

Universal Studio Park

The Universal Studios theme park in Beijing opened in September 2021, becoming the fifth Universal-branded theme park in the world

Enhanced visitor experience through advanced security technology 

Amusement Park operators are constantly working to find safer, more modernized, easier, and more efficient ways to manage their premises. Operators can be aided by a variety of advanced security technologies to regulate people flow and safety.  

The recently opened theme park Universal Beijing features several new attractions along with Universal Studios, the best Universal rides, shows and attractions from around the world. Around 10 million tourists are estimated to visit the park per year, making up an average of approximately 28,000 visitors a day.   

It is the first major resort park widely using biometric authentication technology integrated within its speed gates onsite – making it a pioneer in the leisure park industry and a truly state of the art facility for people flow management.  

In total, there are 143 customized Gunnebo access points fulfilling specific needs, from front to back throughout the theme park. The inbuilt technology increases people safety by deterring intruders, preventing criminal activity entering the park, and working as a management tool for decision making and resource planning. All of which ultimately enhances visitor experience.   

Gunnebo's high-tech gates are expected to cope with as many as 10 million visitors annually

"Congratulations on this tremendous accomplishment. It is a great example of teamwork, collaboration, co-operation and overcoming obstacles through focus and perseverance, says" Tom Mehrmann, General Manager of Universal Beijing. 

With so many people visiting parks each day, operators are faced with the need to make day-to-day operations more manageable, efficient and cost-effective. Issues facing operators, such as ticket fraud, crowd control and customer experience improvement can be addressed through customized entrance control systems. While these products are traditionally for security purposes, they also improve operations management by providing real world data.  

“Security technologies can offer valuable data such as customer behavior and their spending habits. With increased business intelligence, operators can strive to enhance the visitor experience, and at the same time the data can be used as a management decision tool for operations and staffing”, says Davis Zhang, China Vice President, Gunnebo Entrance Control.   


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