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Gunnebo launches OptiStyle 1080 for the North American market

[Press Releases Entrance Control] Published 30-08-2022

Gunnebo Entrance Control North America is pleased to announce the launch of the made in America OptiStile 1080, a glass optical turnstile with the latest advances in technology and a design especially created for the US market. The new product offers increased security and functions as a useful tool for people flow management to a variety of environments such as offices and public buildings, public transportation, airports, entertainment and sport venues, pharma and many other environments.

The OptiStile 1080 features a selection of modules with a variety of layouts and lid materials to suit any architectural and design requirements to fit the building environment. Other customized solutions include reader integration data, and biometrics authentication technology and remote access control. The combination of value-added design and functionality makes its operations more manageable, efficient, and cost effective at the same time providing an enhanced visitor experience through its visual appeal and easy and smooth entrance system.  Designed in direct response to the needs of our security conscious partners, the OptiStile 1080 offers ergonomic designs, flexible configurations and unmatched value.

“OptiStile 1080 added features include Gunnebo sensor technology, an active glass barrier that increases control, optimizes flow management, and ensures overall security within the building environment, all at a reasonable cost. And I am proud to say that this newest addition to our turnstile product family is made here in America to fit our markets requirements and customer needs”, says Tom Sinciro, Director of Sales North America of Gunnebo Entrance Control North America.

The OptiStile 1080 is the first release in the 1000 series of turnstiles which is specifically developed for the North American market, and will be presented at GSX 2022, scheduled to take place in Atlanta, at the Georgia World Congress Center, 12-14th of September, 2022.

Additional information for editors: 

Gunnebo Entrance Control is world leading specialist in entrance control solutions. Our wide range of entry control products is designed to create a safe environment without restricting freedom of movement, whether it is to enter the lobby of a company, a store, an entertainment area, an industrial area or a subway station. We also support industries with higher security requirements like airports, embassies, nuclear power plants and prisons. www.gunneboentrancecontrol.com 

Gunnebo Group is a global leader in security, offering innovative products and services to protect and control the flow of people, and to safely secure valuables. Through our businesses Gunnebo Entrance Control and Gunnebo Safe Storage we offer solutions to customers in retail, public transport, public and commercial buildings, industrial and high-risk sites and banking. We operate worldwide through our 3,400 employees, 25 country locations and 10 production facilities to serve customers in over 100 markets. Together we create a safer world. www.gunnebo.com