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Sustainability Stories

Supporting Youth Development in India

In 2017, Gunnebo began its support of a skills development programme for young people in India. Together with a partner approved by the Indian government’s National Skill Development Centre (NSDC), Gunnebo hopes to make it easier for young jobseekers from poorer sections of the community to find opportunities in the security industry. The initiative will also focus on creating more openings for young women. The initiative will provide 150 young men and women with new skills and knowledge to increase their employability and give them access to careers previously closed off to them.

Hamilton Makes Great Strides with Environmental Audit

Hamilton Safes is a major supplier of physical security products to banks and government authorities in the US and has been part of the Gunnebo Group since 2015. 

In 2017, the Cincinnati-based company built on the progress it made in 2016 when its manufacturing units were awarded the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems. After having been assessed as part of the Group’s audit programme, Hamilton’s plants in Mason and Amelia registered much improved scores. Both factories originally underwent audits in 2013 and attained 57 points – a score which jumped to over 90 in 2017. These results render the effort the company has made in sustainability since joining Gunnebo. 

“We have made great strides,” says Don Wayne, Environment, Health & Safety Leader in the USA. “At Hamilton we are much better than we were in 2013, but we want to raise the bar even higher.” 

To achieve this, challenging targets have been set for 2018 which include 100% recycling of wooden pallets and cardboard, a 10% reduction in hazardous paint waste and a 10% reduction in the emission of volatile organic compounds. 

“And as long as we maintain our strict standards governing the plant and the environment,” concludes Don, “we will maintain our good reputation with our customers.” 

Handball for Everyone

During 2017, the Gunnebo Group began supporting an inclusive initiative in Sweden which gives children with learning disabilities the opportunity to play handball. Handball for Everyone is run by the IK Sävehof handball club. Through the initiative, around 30 young people with learning disabilities can train together to improve at handball, develop physically, and feel part of a wider community. 

Preparing Gunnebo's Future Leaders

In 2017 Gunnebo launched a new leadership training programme called Road to Growth. Its goal is to develop the management skills necessary to drive the business forward and achieve the Group’s strategic targets. 

“Leadership training is essential to delivering growth,” says Christian Carlsson, SVP Human Resources & Sustainability. “We need to equip our employees with new insights if we are to maintain a long-term competitive edge in the market.” 

The programme uses a mix of theory, case studies and practical exercises to relate learning to current business challenges and opportunities within Gunnebo. Role playing provides practical examples of leadership challenges faced by senior managers inside the Group. 

The first Road to Growth sessions took place in Sweden in 2017 and brought together 20 employees from 13 countries. As well as being culturally diverse, the group represented a variety of business disciplines including sales, operations, engineering and finance. 

All business and financial topics covered as part of the programme were led by internal Gunnebo experts to ensure that the content is as relevant as possible. 

“We want to foster a dynamic environment founded on regular feedback, coaching and exchanging individual experiences,” adds Christian Carlsson. “By doing so, Road to Growth will create stronger networks and a more open dialogue within the Group.”